The Ukrainian Golf Federation keeps track of the WHS handicap values of golfers and gives such players the status of accredited players in the WHS handicap system.

The player accredited in WHS handicap system in Ukraine receives the personal number of a Ukrainian golf player, card and official WHS handicap if all the rules of its assignment are fulfilled, as well as a recount of the assigned WHS handicap.

 The status of the accredited player can obtain citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons with legal residence in Ukraine.

An accredited player receives:

  • officially confirmed WHS handicap;
  • personal number of the Ukrainian golf player (ID) under the Unified Handicap Accounting System of Ukraine;
  • personal player's plastic card;
  • WHS handicap maintenance and conversion;
  • recounted handicap will be displayed on our site on the Players Handicap section;
  • right to represent Ukraine at World and European Championships organized by the European Golf Association (WHS) and the International Golf Federation (IGF);

In 2022, the accreditation payment for adults is 1000 UAH, for children under 18 years - 200 UAH.

Accreditation is valid from January 1, 2022 to January 1, 2023.

  * Children under 18 agree to the processing of data by parents (indicate their data).

The details of accreditation can be found in the Golf Player Accreditation Regulation in the EGA Handicap System.

To obtain the accredited player status, you should:

  • Make payment for the account details of the Federation or for the QR code in the payment system Privat24;
  • Submit to the UGF:
  • Application addressed to the General Secretary of the Federation;
  • Questionnaire;
  • Consent to process personal data (agreement);
  • copy of the identity document.

For additional questions, please contact the UGF office at, tel.: mob. +380 98 664-04-60.


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