Family golf

Golf is an Olympic sport that is accessible to everyone. There are no age, race, gender or physical restrictions in this game. A sport that unites families. A type of leisure that improves concentration, relieves stress, develops physical capabilities and supports family values.

In the 2021 season, the Ukrainian Golf Federation begins to actively develop the direction of family golf. A series of family golf tournaments was organized together with the GolfStream Golf Club. The competitions will be held from May to October on the fields of GolfStream. Director of Family Golf Tour - Antimonova Tamara.



The tournaments will take place on 9 and 18 holes, on the fields of Park Course and Premiere Course. Game format - Scramble. Children and adults will be able to take part. Detailed conditions of the competition in the Regulations of the Tour.

For participation in the tournament or another additional information - call: +38 (095) 550 99 11

How the first stage of FAMILY GOLF TOUR 2021 took place, read here.




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