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Starting January 1st 2015 Exact EGA Handicap values of Ukrainian golfers are confirmed by National centralized handicapping system (Datagolf) together with the official handicap records sheet, produced by the appropriate Committee. EGA Handicaps are maintained by accredited Handicap Committees (HC) with access to Datagolf. Golfers may choose their own HC from the list below. Golfers always have the right to join Federation and transfer to Federation’s HC for handicapping purposes.

  • Player must ensure that all qualifying scores are submitted to the appropriate HC in a timely manner.
  • HC must ensure that all qualifying scores are entered into Datagolf in a timely matter.
  • Starting Jan 1st 2016, to obtain initial EGA Handicap player should score necessary points for handicap 54 or better in one (1) qualifying round. 
  • Starting Jan 1st 2015 all qualifying rounds for handicapping purposes must be entered into Datagolf.

Accredited Handicap Committee (HC) must strictly follow all requirements of the current EGA Handicap System. HC gains access to Datagolf upon participation in EGA Handicaps seminar and successful completion of practical tasks in Datagolf testing environment during Handicapping workshops.

Federation Handicap Committee, accredited, with Datagolf access:

  1. Sergey Kozyrenko (Head)
  2. Alena Tereshchuk
  3. Mykola Proskurka
  4. Marina Tereshchuk

Contact: hcp_ugf@ukrgolf.org

Superior GC Handicap Committee, Kharkiv, accredited, with Datagolf access:

  1. Vitaliy Tereshchenko (Head)
  2. Fedir Karhapolov
  3. Volodymyr Grynenko

Contact: hcp_superior@ukrgolf.org

Royal GC Handicap Committee, Kyiv, accredited, with Datagolf access:

  1. Olena Movchan (Head)
  2. Ihor Zatravkin
  3. Iryna Trofymova

Contact: hcp_royal@ukrgolf.org

Handicap Committee for Players of GolfStream GC, Kyiv, accredited, with Datagolf access:

  1. Oleg Grebelnikov (Head)
  2. Oleksandr Gorokhovskyi
  3. Roman Rastvortsev

Contact: hcp_golfstream@ukrgolf.org

Golfers who would like to maintain valid EGA Handicap should send results of all their qualifying rounds to Handicap Committee. For example, player should email a photo of a scorecard or final protocol with results. To avoid any inconsistencies in calculations, results should be sent as soon as feasible. Qualifying results should be processed within 3 days of the tournament completion date.

Kozyn GC Handicap Committee, Kyiv, accredited, with Datagolf access:

  1. Peter Thomson (Head)
  2. Gennadi Rudenko
  3. Mykhailo Mosenzhnyk

Contact: hcp_kozyn@ukrgolf.org

First GC Handicap Committee, Lugansk, accredited, no Datagolf access:

  1. Valentyn Dzon (Head)
  2. Andri Dolgodush
  3. Roman Kobitiev

Contact: hcp_first@ukrgolf.org


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