PGA of Ukraine


In partnership The Ryder Cup European Development Trust, Confederation of Professional Golf and the PGA community created support the PGA of Ukraine.

The aim of this campaign is to raise funds that can be directly provided to PGA of Ukraine Member Professionals, staff/representatives and their families to help them in their hour of need.

 However the Campaign also has the longer-term goal of supporting the safe return to Ukraine and re-establishing of the country’s infrastructure and golf community as soon as it is possible.

Members of the PGA of Ukraine

  Name Category Phone City, Golf Club
1 Avdieieva Anna PGA 380504019431 Kyiv, H Golf Club
2 Deniskin Olexandr PGA 380954717493 Kharkiv, Superior Golf Club
3 Garkavenko Ruslan PGA 380679667808 Kyiv, Kozyn Golf Club
4 Ieremeiev Pavlo PGA 380509135198 Kyiv, Kozyn Golf Club
5 Kuzmenko Oleksandr PGA 380679422446 Kyiv, GolfStream Golf Club
6 Oleksyn Igor PGA 380661366751 Kyiv, Golf Centr Kyiv (Obolon)
7 Riabtsev Denys PGA 380674401340 Kyiv, H Golf Club
8 Tereshchenko Vitalii PGA 380954842174 Kyiv, H Golf Club
9 Volkolup Petro PGA 380964949849 Kharkiv, Superior Golf Club
10 Yaremenko Roman PGA 380967002444 Kyiv, Kozyn Golf Club
11 Zatravkin Ihor PGA 380975120201 Kyiv
12 Fedchyk Ihor PGA 380682326156 Kyiv, Cosmos Golf Ukraine
13 Drobyshevckiy Gennadiy PGA 380676433474 Kyiv, Kozyn Golf Club
14 Romanik Maryna PGA 380633564181 Kyiv
15 Kovalchuk Oleksandr Level B 380996686480 Kyiv
16 Badiuk Artur Level B 380953473146 Kyiv, H Golf Club
17 Draha Serhii Level B 380963157895 Kyiv, GolfStream Golf Club
18 Malimon Sergiy Level B 380992911192 Kyiv
19 Karhapolov Fedir Level B 380677690770 Kharkiv, Superior Golf Club
20 Vinall Jeffrey Level B 380968179145 Kyiv, GolfStream Golf Club
21 Gritsenko Anna Level B 380985645619 Kyiv, GolfStream Golf Club
22 Vashchuk Dmytro Level C 380680730693 Kyiv, Kozyn Golf Club
23 Vinall Anna Level C 380968179043 Kyiv, GolfStream Golf Club
24 Khitiaiev Serhii Level C 380958744238 Lviv, Edem Golf Club
25 Kryvoshyya Anatoliy Level C 380503105030 Kyiv
26 Eremenko Sergiy Trainee 380996018003 Kyiv, H Golf Club
27 Kobryn Taras Trainee 380671675642 Lviv, Edem Golf Club
28 Oliyar Mykhailo Trainee 380969601048 Lviv, Edem Golf Club
29 Malimon Yulia Trainee 380980300088 Kyiv
30 Tkachova Kateryna Trainee 380734136020 Kyiv, Kozyn Golf Club
31 Korshenko Vlad Trainee 380987679067 Kharkiv, Superior Golf Club
32 Bilyi Volodymyr Trainee 380959232102 Kharkiv, Superior Golf Club
33 Sukhoivan Oleksandra Trainee 380636704849 Kyiv, Kozyn Golf Club
34 Serebro Maksym
Trainee 380508003928
Kharkiv, Superior Golf Club
35 Cheperdak Bogdan
Trainee 380667950005
Kyiv, Kozyn Golf Club
36 Olkhofskyy Dmytro
Trainee 380503034620
Kharkiv, Superior GC


PGA’s Committees of Ukraine

Disciplinary Committee

Head Committee: Riabtsev Denys
Рarticipants: Riabtsev Denys,
Eremenko Sergiy, Fedchyk Ihor

Children's Golf Development Committee

Head Committee: Avdieieva Anna
Рarticipants: Avdieieva Anna, Gritsenko Anna, Romanik Maryna, Draga Sergey, Drobyshevckiy Gennadiy, Kovalchuk Oleksandr, Malimon Sergiy

Golf Fitness Committee

Head Committee: Vinall Anna
Vinall Anna,
Vinall Jeffrey

Tournament Сommittee

Head Committee: Tereshchenko Vitalii
Tereshchenko Vitalii, Badiuk Artur, Vashchuk Dmytro

Committee for work with people with special needs

Head Committee: Karhapolov Fedir
articipants: Karhapolov Fedir, Deniskin Olexandr, Yaremenko Roman, Volkolup Petro, Vashchuk Dmytro

Women's Golf Development Committee
Head Committee: Kuzmenko Oleksandr
articipants: Kuzmenko Oleksandr, Ieremeiev Pavlo, Kovalchuk Oleksandr

Educational Committee
Head Committee: Romanik Maryna
articipants: Romanik Maryna, Oleksyn Igor, Drobyshevckiy Gennadiy, Kuzmenko Oleksandr, Kryvoshyya Anatoliy

Commercial Affairs Committee
Head Committee: Malimon Sergiy
articipants: Malimon Sergiy, Kuzmenko Oleksandr



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