UGF approved Strategic Plan for Disabled Golf and Defgolf Development for 5 years


The Ukrainian Golf Federation pays special attention to the inclusive golf. UGF General Secretary Volodymyr Pylypenko together with the Head of the Disabled Golf Committee Olga Blokhina signed a strategic plan for the growth of golf for people with disabilities and in Ukraine for 2020-2024.

“The development strategy consists of three main steps. Golf activators attract people with special needs to this sport at various events and locations, demonstrate the availability of golf for them. Interested newcomers will be invited to train in golf clubs, the most successful get to the National team of Deaflympians and Paralympians. This scheme of popularizing golf among deaflympians gives an opportunity to actively develop inclusive golf in Ukraine and in the perspective to bring it to the international level”, - commented Olga Blokhina.

This year, Ukraine won a grant and became one of the countries in the world to support a unique para-golf development project led by the most experienced golf instructors with the support of the European Golf Association for the Disabled and The R&A. During the quarantine period, the UGF launched a series of webinars with a language translation. Such seminars gathered together not only the main audience but also gathered a lot of golfers with hearing impairments.

The strategy for the development of inclusive golf in Ukraine will be approved by EDGA. Mark Taylor, Head of Development at the European Golf Association for People with Disabilities, during his visit to Ukraine, commented: “I am so impressed with all I have seen since I came to Ukraine. UGF has a great team in place to deliver all aspects of a very strong strategic plan and EDGA will be here to support UGF along the journey”.

A detailed description of the Disabled & deaf Golf Pathway “A game for all” is attached below.



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