WAGR Junior Golf Tournament: New Champions of Ukraine among juniors


3-5 September in GC Golfstream has held the Ukrainian Championship in golf for mid-juniors, juniors, and children.

The annual tournament of the middle of the youth and children was at the largest golf club in Ukraine. Three days of golf is supernatural. On the golf course, children of different categories were playing, and more advanced players will find the results at the WAGR rating.

“Children and young golfers are the locomotives for Ukraine. The Ukrainian Golf Federation is doing the successful implementation of the strategy of development and popularization of kids and youthful golf. The young golfers drove Ukrainian golf to a new level and once again worthily represent our country in the light arena. For the sake of the fact that the great potential of sporting Ukraine stands behind the young generations,” - says Maria Orlova, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Golf Federation.

First, to participate in the Championship of Ukraine for the middle of juniors, we got the kids of the Children's and Junior Golf School of the Olympic Reserve. Gradually, according to their category, the children saw that this tournament is more difficult. It motivates them to train more.

“Not long ago, the Final of the Kids Golf Tour was held, where the best players won the certificates to this championship. In such a way, the Federation of Golf and Golf School will attract children to regular and serious sports. The school training gives its results, several little golfers are gradually growing up, because, of course, if the stench is ready to crumble away, then there is a lot of work. The Championship of Ukraine in golf for the middle of juniors is trying their strength and seeing strong competition,”- comments Director of the Youth Sports School Alona Tereshchuk.

Following the results of three rounds, the new champions became.

Champions in category SUB9 - Kulyk Roman and Rastvortseva Alisa

SUB12 -  Grynenko Olexandr and Zonova Anna

SUB15 - Golod Mykhailo and Pylypenko Sofia

SUB18 - Alalin Tymur and Svyatko Maria

Group E winners in their age category: Harry Tuleniv and Diana Kulyk.

At the ceremony was the Assistant of the Head of the Committee for Physical Education and Sports of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine - Artamonov Volodymyr and General Manager of National & Carya Golf Clubs - Hassan Jeylan.

For the winners of preparing cool prizes from partners, and the main prizes were from Regnum Carya. There are also thanks to partners: golf club Golfstream, LG Ukraine, Whisen, a brand of stylish shoes Intertop, helicopter company HeliTour, sweet partner Monaco, water partner - Voda UA, products from Online Store.

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